Prices vary from stylist to stylist and are
subject to change

Shampoo & Cut                          $28.00 and up
Shampoo, Cut & Style              
  $35 and up
Shampoo & Set                          $18.00 and up
Shampoo and Flat Iron               
$30.00 and up

Children (12 and under)
Shampoo & Cut                          $12.00 and up
Shampoo & Cut        $16.00 and up
Conditioning Treatment    $10.00 and up

Basic                                $67.00 and up
Partial                               $57.00 and up
Spiral                                $82.00 and up
Straightener                      $80.00 and up
Keratin Treatment             $150.00 and up
Permanent                       $55.00 and up
Full Head Foil                   $85.00 and up
Partial Foil                        $60.00 and up
Color & Partial                  $75.00 and up
Cap Highlight                    $40.00 and up

Facial wax                           $10 and up

* Prices listed above are for short to medium length hair.
Long and extra thick hair may have an additional charge.